This document sets out terms and conditions for purchase of a Village Roadshow Locals One Pass by 4 instalments.


"Agreement" means these Terms and Conditions together with the Purchase Pages, the Entitlements and the Debitsuccess Contract

"Days" means any day other than a public holiday in Queensland

"DEBITSUCCESS" means Debitsuccess Pty Ltd A.C.N. 095 551 581

"Debitsuccess Contract" means the Debitsuccess Direct Debit Request Service Agreement

"Direct Debit" means billing of the Nominated Facility

"Direct Debit Date" means the date when each Monthly Membership Payment is to be deducted in accordance with these Membership Terms and Conditions

"Entitlements" means the benefits attaching to the Pass as set out on Our Website

"GST" means goods and services tax imposed or to be imposed under the A New Tax System (Goods and Services Tax) Act 1999 (as amended) and any related imposition Acts of the Commonwealth, or any Act in substitute for them

"Nominated Facility" means the bank account or credit card the details of which are inserted in the Purchase Pages

"Notice" means communication by telephone or email

"Our Website" means www.themeparks.com.au

"Pass" means a Village Roadshow Locals One Pass

"Pass holder" means the person whose identity is inserted in the applicable section of the Purchase Pages who is issued with a Pass

"Payment" means the person whose identity is inserted in the applicable section of the Purchase Pages who is issued with a Pass

"Personal Details" means information about a person inserted in the Purchase Pages when that person’s identity can be linked to that information

"Personal Information" has the meaning ascribed to it by the Privacy Act 1988

"Purchaser" means the person whose identity is inserted in the applicable section of the Purchase Pages

"Start Date" means the date when the Agreement is deemed to have been entered into as set out in these Terms and Conditions

"Terms and Conditions" means this document

"WE, US or OUR" means Village Roadshow Theme Parks Pty Ltd ABN 60 010 919 623 c/of Warner Bros. Movie World, Pacific Motorway, Oxenford in the State of Queensland Australia 4210


A Pass may only be purchased by an Australian Resident eighteen (18) years of age and over.

The Purchaser must make available to the Pass Holder these Terms and Conditions. The use by the Pass Holder of the Pass is deemed to be acceptance by the Pass Holder of these Terms and Conditions. A breach of these Terms and Conditions by the Pass Holder shall be deemed to be a breach by the Purchaser. Where the Pass Holder is under eighteen (18) years of age their parent or guardian shall be responsible for the Pass Holder complying with these Terms and Conditions.


The Pass shall be paid for by Direct Debit of the Payment monthly in advance for four (4) consecutive months commencing on the Start Date.

All payments due to US shall be collected by DEBITSUCCESS as OUR agent in accordance with the terms of the Debitsuccess Contract entered into between the Purchaser and DEBITSUCCESS.

The Payment must still be paid when due even if the Pass Holder is not taking advantage of or utilising the Entitlements.

All payments are in Australian dollars. Any purchase will be charged in Australian dollars. The Purchaser is solely liable for any currency conversion fee charged.


A Purchaser who pays for a Pass by Direct Debit of the Payment must pay same to DEBITSUCCESS and enter into the Debitsuccess Contract and:-

  • acknowledges and agrees that DEBITSUCCESS has been appointed by US to collect the Payment when due under the Agreement and all rights WE have under the Agreement may be
  • authorises DEBITSUCCESS to directly debit the Nominated Facility for each Payment when due under the Agreement
  • agrees to ensure sufficient funds or credit is available in the Nominated Facility to satisfy the Payment on each Direct Debit Date
  • shall give Notice to DEBITSUCCESS if the Nominated Facility is closed or its details are changed in any way
  • must cancel the direct debit function of the Nominated Facility when the Agreement is at an end.


The Agreement may be terminated by US by Notice to the Purchaser if the Payment has not been paid when due or the Terms and Conditions are breached in any way whereupon the Pass Holder will no longer have access to or the benefit of the Entitlements.


A Pass is not able to transferred or suspended nor is it exchangeable or able to be resold or redeemed for cash. Passes are non-refundable (unless required by law).


Any Notice required to be given by a party under the Membership Agreement shall be given in accordance with the particulars set out in the Membership Purchase Pages or at the end hereof or as subsequently varied by Notice.


If any words, terms or conditions of the Agreement are found to be invalid or unlawful then they shall be deleted and the balance of the Agreement will remain valid and enforceable.


If a party has a query or dispute in respect of the Agreement WE ask that they contact US by:-